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Workshops for RE woman in Berane, Nikšić, Podgorica

26.02 2020

Help and NGO “Walk with us Phiren Amenca” have organized workshops for Roma and Egyptian women on topic of human rights with focus on women’s rights in Berane, Nikšić and Podgorica, held by Red Cross experts of Montenegro.

The workshops were organized within the framework of the project “Civil society in action promoting and protecting Roma and Egyptian rights in Montenegro” funded by the European Union.

The workshops were held in Berane on 14. February 2020, in Nikšić on 25. February, and in Podgorica on 26. February.

The topics of the workshops were: women and human rights, family life and resolving family conflicts (domestic violence), girls’ education, early (arranged) marriages and begging.

Here are the photos that convey the atmosphere:

First Berane…

Then Nikšić …

And in the end Podgorica …




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