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SOE-3 Support to socio-economic stability in the Western Balkans region 2019-2020


SOE-3 Support to socio-economic stability in the Western Balkans region 2019-2020


German Government, the Federal Foreign Office, ministries and local self-governments in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo


January 2019 – December 2020 / 3.619.880,00 EUR


Region: Western Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia)

Target group: vulnerable minority groups, start-up businesses, existing small businesses in need of additional assistance, convicts and former convicts (resocialization component), disabled, female, youth, less employable categories, socially vulnerable without a housing solution.


The overall objective is to empower economically and socially vulnerable groups and facilitate social inclusion, while specific objectives of the programme aim to decrease the level of poverty among economically vulnerable groups, and to improve the treatment programs in correctional facilities and the process of reintegration of convicts and former convicts into society.


Through the Help over the years developed methodology of combining in-kind grants with business and vocational training the target group of the program receive the support to develop resilience and become less dependant on the external assistance (like social benefits, need to migrate in pursuit of income and better living conditions).

Having that in mind, the following results have been envisaged and expected by the end of the project:

  • At least 550 micro-businesses (BiH, KOS, SRB) fully operational and generate sufficient income to cover business and livelihood expenses;
  • At least 1620 people (BIH, KOS, SRB) attended business and professional training sessions increasing their knowledge, capacities, enhanced business efficiency and possibilities for competitive performance, including the employees and convicts in the correctional facilities;
  • At least 13 correctional facilities (KOS, MON, SRB), equipped workshops end improved treatment programmes within the system;
  • At least 15 former convicts (SRB) assisted through the resocialization programme (with in-kind grants and training);
  • Mechanisms and models created and applied for improvement of the resocialization of the former convicts;
  • Project partners enhanced their management capacities in implementing socio-economic projects;
  • At least 12 families of socially vulnerable families living in newly constructed prefabricated buildings (Niksic, MNE);
  • At least 12 socially vulnerable families living in newly constructed flats (Danilovgrad, MNE);
  • Up to 10 most vulnerable Roma families living in a newly constructed building (Bijelo Polje, MNE);
  • Roma and Egyptian mediators available and provide assistance in social, employment and health sectors to Roma/Egyptian communities in Podgorica and Niksic (MNE).

In cooperation with the local partners, local self-governments and other relevant stakeholders Help is regionally constantly improving its methodologies applied in projects implementation applying the core principle of its acting – assisting people towards self-reliance.



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