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MNE-145 Disaster Prevention in Montenegro


MNE-145 Disaster Prevention in Montenegro


Aktion Deutschland Hilft

with headquarters in Bonn, this is a grouping of German Aid agencies for Humanitarian aid


 01 May 2019 – 30 Juni 2020/ Euro 36.247


Overall objective:

One of the long-standing consequences of the wars in the Balkans of the 1990s are manifold marginalised population groups who live in substandard settlements. Help has already addressed the housing problems of a number of marginalised population groups, in particular those of displaced Roma and Egyptian communities and of other socially disadvantaged groups. The Regional Housing Programme has also provided a relatively large number of people with sustainable housing solutions.

However, the level of education of many of these groups is rather low and environmental consciousness is practically non-existent. Everyday behaviour of such disadvantaged population groups often carries risks to damage the environment such blocking sewage canals or environmental pollution. Inadequate storage of wood, household items and other debris carry the risk of fires in their homes.   This project addressed the risks mentioned in cooperation with the Directorate for Emergency Situations of the Montenegrin Ministry of Internal Affairs by strengthening of the protection and rescue service capacity, as well as by providing training to marginalised population groups on how to prevent the outbreak of fires and keeping the environment in the surroundings of their settlements safe and clean.

The support requested relates to the implementation of the activities on prevention of fire risks, education and strengthening the readiness of members operational units for protection and rescue, as well as procurement of necessary fire protection equipment (fire extinghuisers).

The specific objectives:

Specific Objective:   Better and safer living conditions of marginalised groups in Montenegrin society

Expected results:

Strengthening of the protection and rescue service capacity, as well as the capacity of the volunteer firefighting associations in the municipalities of Tivat, Dudva, Herceg Novi, Niksic, Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac. Increasing the capacity of the Directorate for emergency situations and of the entire protection and rescue system in Montenegro.

ven the chance to generate and / or increase their incomes by facilitating access to employment and self-employment as well as facilitating access to Montenegrin institutions.