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Inclusion and Economic Empowerment in the States of the Western Balkans

 SOE 10
PROJECT TITLE : Inclusion and Economic Empowerment in the States of the Western Balkans
DONOR: German Foreign Ministry
BUDGET: 561,729.00 EUR
PROJECT DURATION : March 2023 – December 2024
Overall objective: The living conditions of marginalized, vulnerable Groups in the Western Balkan countries have improved. Jobs have been created, cross-border exchange and learning initiatives have been strengthened and cooperation for social inclusion has been supported.
Specific objective(s): Regional Goal, Western Balkans: Cross-border Dialog, Exchange and Learning is improved.
Expected results: Green Growth Grants create jobs for marginalized groups through a competitive procedure, training and advisory support;
The re-socialization of convicts and former convicts in is improved in all Western Balkan States: Local civil society has better access to and use of municipal services in all Western Balkan States; Regional exchange, learning and dialogue events take place in all participating countries.
Main activities:
Specialized Training in prisons for convicts and prison staff in cooperation with the Centre for Human Rights ; Events and symposia with at least 50 participants from all participating states in cooperation with the Balkan Women Association; Publicly promoted support (PR visibility) for participating municipalities, successful start-up entrepreneurs and first-time employed persons: Micro-enterprises are created with Green Growth Grants and appropriate training measures ; “Green Growth Grants Scheme“ are launched and implemented; Vocational training measures are implemented ; Training measures for micro-enterprises and small businesses are implemented ; Improved re-socialization of former convicts through income generating measures and training; Implementation of support for former convicts : Equipping workshops of selected prisons; Training for staff of selected prisons ; Participative development initiatives provide improved access to municipal services and further the inclusion of marginalized or disadvantaged population groups ; Selection of participative projects to be supported; Procurement of the required equipment or and services ; Publicly promoted support (PR visibility) for participation as a method of engagement and the results achieved