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MNE-144 Improved access to the labour market for women and youth in the Northeast of Montenegro


Mne-144 Improved access to the labour market for women and youth in the Northeast of Montenegro


Ministry of Finance of Montenegro – Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds (CFCU)


Municipality of Berane


November 2019 – October 2020 170.092,55 €


Overall objective:

The overall objective of the program is improved employability and access into the labour market of unemployed persons in Northern Montenegro.

The specific objectives:

Specific Objective:

  1. Increase of skilled unemployed women and youth in deficit occupations
  2. Strengthened local employment partnership

Expected results:

  1. Employers’ community informed of the project and well motivated to participate; 2 Unemployed women and youth gained knowledge, skills and competences in deficit occupations; 3. Established Local Employment Partnership Working Group in targeted area of Northern Montenegro; 4. Improved knowledge of local stakeholders on benefits of local employment partnership.
  2. Specific attention will be given to increasing employability, especially of women and young, while taking into account the social aspects, and promotion of partnership with employers. One of the measures to fight unemployment is to organize quality and specialized skill trainings so that they enable reallocation of labour among different economic sectors. On that basis the action intends to fill the gap between the demand and availability of skills by providing skill trainings for deficit occupations as required by the market. Attention will be also given to the further strengthening of the local employment partnership through inclusion of all stakeholders in the local labour market within the working group while in parallel setting up the activity plan and building their knowledge.

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