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MNE-143 Civil society in action promoting and protecting Roma and Egyptian rights in Montenegro


MNE-143 Civil society in action promoting and protecting Roma and Egyptian rights in Montenegro


European Commission – European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)


NGO Roma Youth Organization – Let’s Walk Together – Phiren Amenca


November 2019 – April 2021 162.941 €


Overall objective:

The overall objective of the program is to contribute to the protection and promotion of Roma and Egyptian human rights at local level in Montenegro

The specific objectives:

Specific Objective:

  1. Strengthen CSOs capacities & role in advancing RE human rights
  2. Empower CSOs to be drivers of change for RE human rights
  3. Foster RE women & RE youth active participation in public life

The project will encourage active civil society participation in efforts to enhance the respect of the human rights of the Roma & Egyptian (RE) communities in Montenegro through a comprehensive approach including capacity development of civil society organisations’ (CSOs) organisational development and functioning, project management cycle and human rights monitoring and advocacy as well as financial support for implementation of local CSO’s initiatives. It will support community-based activities to support RE youth and RE women to participate actively in their communities. It will be linked to and build upon ongoing national strategies including for social inclusion of RE (2016-2020) and for youth (2017-2021).

Expected results:

1. Increased capacities of CSOs working with RE to be more self-sufficient and able to monitor and advocate for RE rights 2. Enabled CSOs to conduct effective actions to enhance RE rights; 3. Support CSOs to be drivers of change on RE rights 4. Enable RE youth and RE women to become more active in their communities & engage in human rights issues affecting their lives.

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