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Supporting the integration of vulnerable communities in Montenegro via language classes

MNE 171

PROJECT TITLE: Supporting the integration of vulnerable communities in Montenegro via language classes

DONOR : ADH  (Aktion Deutschland Hilft)


BUDGET: 106,978.72 € (ADH 81,978.72 € – Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare 25,000.00 €€)

PROJECT DURATION: 15.12.2022 – 31.07.2023


Main activities:
The project is created on the basis of the assessment made by Help team together with the Ukrainian refugee association Good Deed and has the following components:

1) The first one is Montenegrin language courses for adults in Podgorica. There are now 3 groups (they’re learning language for 3 months and asking for prolongation, they need it for job, education and their everyday communication with their children’s teachers etc.). Also the Ukrainian partner organization has 37 people on the waiting list.

2) The second one is continuation of Montenegrin language courses for adults and children in Budva; there is also a waiting list for about 20 kids.

3) The third one is provision of electric bed sheets for families in Herceg Novi and Podgorica (30+10). Most houses and apartments in the Coastal Region are not equipped with any heating solutions and do not have winter warm in mind. Very often, especially in older buildings, there is no proper insulation. Therefore, the temperatures inside building never exceed 18° which is too cold for little children and older people.

4) The forth one are community initiatives (celebration of Christmas, Easter etc.) organized at 4 Ukrainian Centers. After coming to Montenegro, life of refugees is strongly affected by cultural barriers and differences; they feel excluded from society, sometimes even invisible. Good Deed will organize different types of activities for them, providing emotional and social support as much as possible.

5) The fifth one is a Social dance club for adults ones a week in Podgorica and Budva. We discussed the idea with Alevtina Kapusta, dance teacher from Ukraine, she has groups for kids and adults and she will be ready to help.

6) The sixth one is a dance group for children in Podgorica, it also connects with Alevtina’s dance school. From September she provides free dance classes for Ukrainians kids; as this dance teacher is also a refugee from Ukraine in need for covering her livelihood, she will be receiving a fee for running the dance group. Presently, there are about 14 children in the class.

7) Prolongation for rent agreements for three Ukrainian Centers in Costal Region (Herceg Novi, Bar, Budva).

8) Organizing six 2-3 days excursions for children and teenagers. Children and young people are the ones who suffer the most after the displacement from Ukraine. Very often they cannot adapt easily to the new conditions and need to be part of community which will make transition process easier for them. Excursions fulfilled with workshops and leisure activities are excellent way of making new friends. During the project implementation 6 excursions (each one for 15 children) in the Northern parts of Montenegro will be organized. Transport, accommodation and food for participants will be provided (including 5 meals – breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). Help will also support leisure activities for children participating in trips – workshops, games, psychological support and evening gatherings will be organized.

9) Ad hoc assistance. “Ad hoc” assistance is provided based on single needs coming from the most vulnerable members of the community. Help will provide medicines, medical screenings, hygienic items for children and seniors (for example diapers, skin care products), special food (baby milk formula, gluten-free or lactose-free food) and other items necessary for needy refugees.

10) The last one concerns providing people with raincoats, rubber boots, and warm socks. The Good Deed Association has a list of people from Bar, Herceg Novi and Podgorica (pensioners, children, single mothers).