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Comprehensive Support for Refugees and displaced Persons in Montenegro


Mon-64 Comprehensive support for refugees and displaced persons in Montenegro


Delegation of the European Commission to Montenegro


15.09.2009 – 14.02.2011


The Delegation of the European Commission to Montenegro and German NGO HELP-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe in Montenegro, have signed a contract for the implementation of the project „Comprehensive support to refugees and displaced persons in Montenegro“. The total value of the donation provided by the European Commission for this project is € 1,5 million, while the project is co-financed by UNHCR with € 40.268 and Caritas Luxembourg with € 30.000, making the total value of the project of
€ 1.570.268.

The project has several components that aim to support both refugees and DPs living under difficult conditions, as well as a number of local socially vulnerable households in Montenegro. The project is in line with the National Strategy for Solving Issues of Refugees and DPs in Montenegro, which has been adopted by the Montenegrin Government in 2005, and is covering two aspects stated in this document as guidelines for efficient solving of the problelms for these populations – integration into Montenegrin society and sustainable return of DP population to Kosovo.

Under the terms of this project, refugees and displaced persons will be assisted through donations for providing necessary inputs for starting/upgrading small businesses combined with basic business training, as well as through providing building materials for construction of new and adaptation of existing housing objects on self-help basis.
HELP`s international project partner, the Danish Refugee Council, will organize visits in municipalities in Kosovo and information meetings for the displaced persons, in order to provide them with accurate information about the conditions for their sustainable return to their places of origin.

The main donor for the project is the European Union, represented by the Delegation of the European Commission to Montenegro. HELP’s partners in the implementation of this project are the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the Montenegrin non-governmental organizaton Community Development Center (CDC) which will provide special training for persons with increased problems for employment/self-employment. .

HELP will cooperate with the Montenegrin Bureau for the Care of Refugees, UNHCR, and the Directorate for SME Development in the implementation of this project.

The project starts on 15 September 2009 and will last for 17 months and it is expected that approximately 270 households of refugees and DPs will benefit from the income generation and housing programmes, while approximately 900 persons will participate in cross-border activities that are going to be organized in Kosovo.

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