Completed projects

Construction of 15 pre-fabricated Houses for Refugees in Plav


Mon-63 Construction of 15 pre-fabricated houses for refugees in Plav


German Foreign Ministry through the Stability Pact for South East Europe


15.04.2009 to 15.02.20010; € 336,385.00


8% of the population of the Montenegrin city of Plav are refugees (1,156 persons) and displaced persons (2,045 persons). The municipality of Bar thus has one of the highest quotas of refugees/DPs in Montenegro. There are a number of informal collective settlements where vulnerable refugees/DPS have found temporary accommodation; however, many of them are threatened by compulsory eviction or the living conditions in these settlements are of substandard quality that is not fit for human housing.

In addition there is a larger number of refugee/displaced families who face increasing difficulties of paying rent for private accommodation or whose private accommodation falls into the category of substandard housing not fit for human housing.

With the funding made available by the German Foreign Ministry HELP will be able to construct 15 pre-fabricated houses with an average size of 40m² each on a plot of land to be made available by the municipality of Bar. The average cost per m² amounts to approximately Euro 385. The municipality has also pledged to cover all the cost of infrastructure connections.

The selection of beneficiaries will be carried out by a joint commission consisting of representatives of UNHCR, the Montenegrin Bureau for the Care of Refugees and HELP.

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