Completed projects

Construction of 12 prefabricated Houses for displaced Roma in Pljevlja


Mon-57 Construction of 12 prefabricated houses for displaced Roma in Pljevlja


German Foreign Ministry


01.03.2008 – 30.09.2008; € 180.760


10 families of displaced Roma with 42 family members are currently accomodated in makeshift wooden and cardbox huts. Neither electricity nor water are available to these families. Toilest do not exist either.

At the request of the host municipality of Pljevlja HELP has designed this project that will provide to this group of unfortunate displaced a sustainable and durable housing solution. the municipality itself will also make a considerable contribution by allocating a sizeable plot for the construction of the 12 houses as well as a stable for the horses that the Roma use for earning their meager incomes. In addition the municipality will cover the cost of connecting the new settlement to the electricity grid and costs for the construction of water tanks.

This project is also supported by UNHCR which has allocated € 5.000 towards securing the safe water supply for this group.

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