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Contribution to Housing Construction in Pursuit of Ref/IDPs local Integration in Montenegro


Mon-56 Contribution to Housing Construction in Pursuit of Ref/DPs local Integration in Montenegro


United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR)


01.01.2008 -31.12.2008, € 168.345


This project is a continuation of shelter/housing activities in the Republic of Montenegro referring to collective accommodation and local integration projects for refugees and DPs. Since 1992, UNHCR has been funding a local shelter project in Montenegro in order to provide emergency accommodation in the initial phases of influxes from Croatia, BH and Kosovo; rehabilitation and maintenance of collective accommodation facilities; construction of family settlements and assistance to ref/DPs constructing their own individual housing.

At present, there are 8,527 refugees from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia and 16,155 DPs from Kosovo, still living in Montenegro. Out of these numbers most refugees and DPs live in private accommodation and family settlements, while 1,507 RAE DPs are living in Konik camps in Podgorica. The only remaining official CC funded by UNHCR is scheduled for closure in March 2008, when 66 tenants will move to newly constructed apartments funded by EAR and UNHCR.

UNHCR, in its support to the National Strategy, supported HELP NGO’s applications to the European Agency for Reconstruction and EU Aid, resulting in a total of 2.536 million Euro grants for local integration activities in 2007-2008. In 2007 UNHCR provided the required financial contribution of up to five percent, and will in 2008 continue co-operation in project design and implementation as well as funding for staff and shelter activities.

In 2008, EAR and EU aid projects will be completed, with 78 ref/displaced families finalizing construction/rehabilitation of their individual houses. The works on the construction of the new pavilion of the only geriatric ward in Montenegro will be completed. Through completion of new building in Niksic and new pre-fab settlement in Berane, more durable accommodation will be provided for tenants of official CC Trudbenik and RAE settlement Riverside. 70 refugee/DP families will be assisted through micro-enterprise development, business training and guidance supporting the development of sustainable livelihoods.

In 2007 UNHCR has pre-positioned through sub–agreement with HELP, the non food assistance needed to respond to possible population movements from Kosovo. In case of need, in addition to items available for 4,000 people for 1 month, new items will be purchased through this sub-agreement. The lease agreement for the use of Reception transit centre, so called Way station, has been extended for entire 2008.

Through this sub-project UNHCR will contribute financial means for:
– operational costs to HELP’s office
– salaries for 6 staff members
– construction works and delivery of building materials

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