Completed projects

Social Housing Berane


Mon-55 Social Housing Berane


Dutch International Guarantees for Housing Foundation (DGHI) in cooperation with Stichting Garanties Huisvesting International (SGHI)


15.1.2008 – 15.2.2009; € 25.000


Affordable housing is in major demand. The combination of the wars and the falling apart of socialist housing policies has created a situation in which even a well functioning housing market would only be able to cater to parts of the needs, as purely market-based solutions are bound to be unaffordable to some 25-30% of the population. The thus suppressed excess demand is physically articulated by the emergence of informal settlements at the fringes of the town.

No housing and spatial planning policies for economic growth, social cohesion and poverty reduction exist yet. This is even more relevant after the practically complete privatization of public housing stock. The existing stock is deteriorating rapidly as it has changed hands from largely public to private ownership.

The project’s primary objective is to provide sustainable and affordable housing solutions for socially vulnerable and low income groups in Berane. The concrete action consists of the construction of 1 building with 24 apartments.

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