Completed projects

Winterisation Assistance for 580 Families, Refugees and displaced Persons


Mon-48 Winterisation assistance for 580 families in need/ refugees and displaced persons in collective centers and private accommodation


German Foreign Ministry


02.11.2006 – 31.12.2006 € 61,415


580 families in collective centers, refugees and displaced persons (including displaced Roma from Kosovo in the Roma camps Konik I and II, Podgorica, and Riverside in Berane) as well as especially vulnerable displaced persons in private accommodation are provided with urgently needed winterization assistance like firewood, hygienic items and fresh food items. The 580 families each are provided with 3 cubic meters of firewood.

People still accommodated in collective centers live under very difficult living conditions. This is especially true for the displaced Roma from Kosovo. At the periphery of Podgorica live some 283 Roma families in the camps Konik I and Konik II – in the immediate vicinity of the urban garbage dump. The Roma still remaining in Konik are the most vulnerable among the displaced persons in Montenegro; indeed they are the most deprived group of people in the entire country. From approximately 4.000 persons originally they are the ones who lack any kind of alternative. Many of them are not in a position to cater for all their basic needs.

Equally critical is the situation for the Roma in the camp “Riverside” in Berane. The 26 families with a total of 182 family members live with the permanent fear to be forced out of their barracks due to disputes concerning the ownership of the land and their barracks.

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