Completed projects

Construction of 12 prefabricated Houses in Andrijevica


Mon-53 Construction of 12 prefabricated houses in Andrijevica


German Foreign Ministry


01.09.2007 – 31.01.2008; € 164.750


Within the framework of the Stability Pact for South East Europe the German Foreign Ministry has made available to HELP a donation of € 148.275. This amount complemented by own funds is sufficient to procure and erect 12 prefabricated houses. After the expected completion of these houses at the latest in January 2008 12 families of displaced persons who are now living under miserable conditions in the so-called “Mountain View Cottages” will receive a new home.

Andrijevica is a small mountain rsort wit a 25 km border with Albania. A total of 5.700 persons live in this municipality; among these are some 400 displaced persons from Kosovo and 50 refugees from Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia. In the main town live some 1.000 persons. The economic situation in the municipality is rather bad. In the last 2 years alone 4 companies have closed their doors. Hundreds of jobs were lost. The more than 700 pensioners fall in the category of pensioners with the lowest pensions.

Andrijevica is one of the poorest and most backward municipalities in Montenegro. Industrial production has basically come to a standstill and the road network is of low quality. The municipality is unable to provide from its own meager budget durable and sustainable solutions for the refugee and displaced persons living on its territory.

15 displaced families with 52 persons live in temporary wooden cottages, called “Mountain View Cottages.” Another family whose cottage had burnt down a few months ago had to rent a private accommodation. The cottages with a ground floor of just 16 m² have outlived their lifespan. They do not dispose of any isolation leaving them exposed to the winds and cold during the winter months. Some of the residents have filled the gaps between the wooden beams with pieces of cloth in order to protect themselves from the outside temperatures and rain.

After completion of the 12 houses expected at the latest in January 2008 the 12 beneficiary families will have found a durable solution for their housing problems and another of Montenegro`s inofficial collective center may be closed.

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