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Supporting National Strategy for Resolving Issues of Refugees and IDPs


Mon-46 Supporting the National Strategy for Resolving the Issues of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Montenegro through support for Individual Living and Economic Livelihood Enhancement in Herceg Novi/Republic of Montenegro


European Union


1 February 2007 – 30 January 2008


Scope of Assistance

Within the scope of this programme

• 7 families received a pre-fabricated house and 12 families received building materials for the adaptation of their housing units in the municipality of Herceg Novi and
• 32 refugee families were supported with individual income-generating grants.

Herceg Novi, a municipality with some 30.000 inhabitants, is home to 1.892 refugees from former Yugoslav republics. 749 have their own house or an apartment, 540 persons live in rented houses or apartments, 330 persons live with their relatives and friends. Refugees who are living in camp settlements along the Herceg Novi coast are in the worst position as they do not fulfill basic living conditions. Hence, a large number of refugees in Herceg Novi have not solved their housing problems.
In cooperation with UNHCR Montenegro and the Bureau for the Care of Refugees the HELP housing team evaluated the pending requests for housing assistance and assessed the required material needs for the adaptation of existing housing units. The private housing adaptation has focused on the following components:
Outside repair works to protect against the weather: repairs on roof, windows and outer doors, and improvement of insulation.
Inside repair works as flooring, partition walls, doors, and sanitary installations.
In those cases where the beneficiaries were not able to carry out the repair works themselves the works were supported by local contractors, selected and appointed by HELP.

The criteria for selection of beneficiaries gave priority to vulnerable refugees such as single heads of household; elderly and disabled persons and those with larger families.

Support to income-generating activities

32 refugee families have benefited from this project in the municipalities of Herceg Novi. HELP has provided the selected beneficiaries with the equipment/services required to start-up and/or expand their economic activities. The average value of material inputs was set at € 1,200. Apart from the financial benefits this component contributed to the beneficiary’s satisfaction and self-confidence by starting a “new life” and feeling again as a valuable member of their communities.

The biggest interest of beneficiaries was for investment in crafts (15 cases), followed by services (10 cases) agriculture (5 cases) and tourism (2 cases)

All material and financial inputs were provided as grants, but HELP included a strong ‘social repayment’ component. Beneficiaries were obliged to repay 15 % of the value of the grant in cash. The 15% cash repayment was used to finance a children’s playground in the municipality of Herceg Novi.

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