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Winterisation Assistance for 988 Refugee and IDP Families in Collective Centres


Mon – 33  Winterisation assistance for 988 refugee and IDP families in collective centres


German Foreign Ministry


November 2004 until February 2005 :: € 193.915


Presently there are still some 13.000 refugees from Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia as well as another 18.000 displaced persons from Kosovo living in Montenegro , i.e. a total of 31.000 persons. 90% of them are of Serbian origin. Under the prevailing circumstances in Kosovo return is not feasible and it is commonly understood that hardly anyone will ever return.

Most displaced persons live in private accommodation, either with friends or relatives or by renting their premises. In comparison with the refugees in the country there is a higher percentage of IDPs living in collective centers. In the North of the country 1.236 persons are still accommodated in this type of accommodation.

People living in collective centers live under most difficult conditions. In particularly this applies to the displaced Roma from Kosovo. At the outskirts of Podgorica a total of 303 Roma families are accommodated in simple camps (14 wooden barracks in Konik I and 4 wooden barracks in Konik II) – in the immediate vicinity of the city dump. Again and again the camps are affected by pests. In the surroundings of the camp another 238 families live in the so called “shanty town.” The remaining population in Konik may well be classified as the most vulnerable group of displaced persons. From the original population of 4.000 they are the ones without any alternatives. Most of them have great difficulties to cater for their daily needs under the given circumstances.

Winterisation assistance provided within the framework of this project aims at securing the health of adults and children of the targeted groups during the cold winter months. A total of 988 families in various collective centers mainly in the North of the country, refugees and displaced persons (including the displaced Roma population of Roma camps I and II in Konik/Podgoirca) as well as residents of the Women Safe House in Podgorica will receive the most urgent relief items required. These are firewood and coal, fresh food items as well as parcels with hygienic items.

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