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Completion of the Primary School in Sukuruc – Tuzi


Mon – 26 Completion of the primary school in Sukuruc – Tuzi


German Foreign Ministry


September 2003 :: € 60.000


Basic school education is of utmost importance for the future of children as well as for the future of the country they are living in. This applies for developed countries such as Germany and the like – and even more for countries in transition with rampant economic and social problems. Montenegro, one of the two republics of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, is such a country – split in its desire for independence – where economic problems appear almost insurmountable. The years of war and international sanctions, arrival of refugees and displaced persons in large numbers, emigration of young and well educated people as well as the transition from the socialist to a market oriented economy and the resulting economic degradation have also had a negative impact on the educational system in Montenegro.

Public investment in educational facilities had practically come to a standstill. Urgent measures for the maintenance of existing infrastructure could not be carried out resulting in the degradation of this infrastructure. In recent years some schools were repaired thanks to the support of the international community, among other the German government within the framework of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe (HELP has itself repaired a number of schools in the Montenegrin towns of Kotor and Ulcinj which had agreed project partnerships with two German towns). Nether the less, the number of schools awaiting urgent renovation remains so large that to date it cannot be said when but the most urgent repairs can be carried out. However, as already indicated, a functioning educational system is extremely important in order to preserve a professional perspective for the youth of the country and generate the well educated labour force the country needs for its economic recovery.

Montenegro disposes of 212 schools; among these are 167 primary schools attended by 76.000 pupils and 31 secondary schools attended by 31.000 pupils. According to a UNICEF study carried out in December 2001 an estimated 7.9% of pupils has to attend classes in unfinished schools! The Montenegrin Ministry of Education reckons that up to 80% of schools need repairs of one kind or another. Against this background UNICEF advocates for international assistance for the funding of primary education.

National minorities have the right to be taught in their native languages. However, given the dire state of public funding and the large number of schools needing sanitation and further investment it is rather difficult for a minority school to be given priority for the allocation of public funds. Hence no surprise that no public funds were yet made available for the school in Sukuruc. This school, located within a number of villages inhabited by approximately 1.500 people, is attended exclusively by ethnic Albanian pupils. They come from the villages of Sukuruc, Vranj and Vuksanlekici. The villages form an administrative part of Tuzi, a small town on the periphery of Podgorica and bordering directly Albania.

The citizens of the said villages have started with their own means and the support of two American organisations to rebuild their school which until then consisted of two poorly equipped rooms. Under construction are now two more classrooms, a teacher’s room as well as sanitary installations. However, because of lack of funds all construction was halted already at the end of 2002.

HELP wanted to support the exemplary efforts of the citizens and has pledged to assist in the completion of the school in order to enhance the chances of the children for a better future. For this reason HELP had applied for funding from the German Foreign Ministry; in August 2003 HELP’s request was approved allowing HELP to initiate the continuation of works.

The most important works to be done are
• the provision of doors and windows
• floors and ceilings
• carpentry works
• painting
• installation of the heating system
• sanitary installations and
• electrical installations

A total of € 60.000 is available for the completion of the school until the end of December 2003.

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