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School Furniture for the Elementary School in Krute – Ulcinj


Mon – 23  School furniture for the elementary school in Krute – Ulcinj


Swiss Agency for Develepment and Cooperation


October 2002 :: € 4.500


Krute is a small village in the vicinity of Ulcinj. The school there will serve the children of some 5 to 6 surrounding villages. Krute, its surrounding villages and other settlements make up the area of Vladimir which used to be a municipality of its own directly bordering Albania. The entire area of Vladimir has some 8.000 inhabitants.

Since the collapse of the school, which existed in Krute before and during the construction of the new school the children of these villages are being taught in private homes. Presently 75 pupils and four teachers thus do not have proper educational facilities.

Neither the Montenegrin government nor the municipality of Ulcinj has so far provided any assistance for realizing the much-needed school in Vladimir. Hence, its inhabitants have started to build a new school mainly through the support of the Albanian diaspora. Some outstanding masonry work (including windows and doors) was recently completed with the financial support of IRD; the condition for this support was that the community contributes 25% of the cost. Construction work was completed recently and the school will officially be reopened in October 2002. The school with four classrooms has the capacity for schooling approx. 100 children. In addition there is a hall, which will be used for community events.

With a donation received from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation HELP is now able to provide the school with the basic school furniture. For this purpose a total amount of € 4.500 has been made available. HELP is glad that it may one more time live up to its proclaimed slogan: “help to help yourself.”

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