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Support for Music School Ulcinj


Mon – 20  Support for Music School Ulcinj


City of Wülfrath / German Foreign Ministry


August through November 2002 :: € 27.000


This project is a good example for the wide scope of assistance that HELP provides in Montenegro. Three years ago when HELP opened its office in the country the streets in Ulcinj were packed with tens of thousands of displaced from Kosovo. They have returned since and life in Ulcinj has become more normal although it is economically still very difficult. One sign of normalcy is certainly the foundation of a music school in this town. The school was finished only at the beginning of this year mainly due to the extraordinary efforts of its director. At that time HELP could assist with funding of the chairs for the school. While the basic furniture is now available the school still lacks music instruments, teaching items and some additional equipment. Through this project some of the missing items will be provided.

The following equipment and instruments will be procured: two harmonias, a halfconcert piano, a classical guitar, a stereo player, a mix pult, microfones and the like. The members of the choir will obtain uniforms.

The project was developed within the project partnership between the German town of Wülfrath and Ulcinj. Wülrath continues her assistance for Ulcinj. This partnership is the basis to support the democratic structures and stabil development in this Montenegrin town as it opens the perspective to a lasting friendly relationship. In the past HELP could implement already a number of projects within the framework of this partnership and various delegations from Wülfrath have visited Ulcinj. The project partnership was received well in Ulcinj and it is generally hoped that it will contribute to a faster normalisation and improve the links to Germany. Before the wars in the Balkans the highest numbers of visitors in Ulcinj were tourists from Germany.

Ulcinj is one o the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast. The old town was founded in the 5th century B.C. Ulcinj is situated right at the border to Albania; it is inhabited by some 24.537 people. Approximately 70 per cent of them are ethnic Albanians. During the war in Kosovo the town provided asylum to some 30.000 Kosovo Albanians. Today, there are still 620 refugees from Bosnia and Hercegowina and 996 IDPs from Kosovo in the town. In Ulcinj orthodox Serbs, Roma and ethnic Albanian citizens live peacefully together.

The newly founded music school has 140 pupils; the school is headed by Mr. Jusuf Lika, a highly motivated and energetic teacher. Only thanks to his never ending efforts could the school be established. However, sufficient musical instruments and other equipment could not be procured yet as neither the town nor the Montenegrin education ministry had the funds for it.

This project is important for the cultural life in the town as well as in the country. The school organises classical concerts and its pupils participate in national competitions and events. Cooperation with the music school in Bar provides opportunities of inter-ethnic communication with the non-Albanian population. Given the dire lessons of the past this is of immeasurable value for the stability of the country. The end of the project will be marked by a public concert.

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