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Self-reliance Programme for IDPs, Refugees and Schools


Mon – 16  Self-reliance Programme for IDPs, refugees and schools




July 2001. to January 2002 :: € 325.000


Brane Mitrovic

born in 1966 Banja Luka (BiH). He has a wife and two children. He was a waiter; however, when he arrived in Bar in 1996 he stated to working as a metal worker. Before he received his MAKITA XR 5001 C, a combined hammer, he worked for others or with rented equipment. Now, he works on his own and he can retain all earnings for himself and his family. “This powerful machine has paid of its price with only two engagements.” Brane is more than satisfied. On call he is alters business premises, flats, and all other premises that do not meet the owner’s requirements or purpose. He works hard but always with a dose of healthy humor.

Borivoje Lekic

from his hometown Sarajevo (BiH) he had moved to Ulcinj in 1992. He, his wife and three daughters extract from plants every drop of life – turning it into medicine, cream or tea. Boro Lekic processes the herbs as part of his “return to nature.” Their products are known even outside of Montenegro. Most wanted are tea mixtures, ointments, crèmes, lotions and tinctures. There are 69 products and it is possible to order tea mixtures. Boro learned this skill from his grandmother and by profession he is the professor of organic chemistry. This entrepreneurial family succeeds in returning us and themselves to nature.

Josko Olujic

is from Obrovac (Croatia) . He lives with his six member family in a barrack. He works as a car mechanic. After his arrival in Bar he was employed in a private company for some months. For almost 6 years he has been working on his own in a workshop that he had established. Assistance from the programme consisted in an instrument for gas welding, a compressor, a big and a small grinder and a small drill. He did not own these tools before and had to refuse work that required this very quipment. Josko is an expert car mechanic. What characterizes Josko is his modesty and his outstanding skills.

Zorica Popovic

is from Decane (Kosovo). A trained economist the dynamic woman is living proof of what entrepreneurial spirit may achieve. No work or job is too ordinary for her and she manages to make a living from a variety of activities. She raised the 15 piglets she received from HELP and will sell them after a some time with a good profit to nearby restaurants. Thus she supports her 8 member family that lives in the collective centre LAHOR. She is very happy for what she was trusted and she knows that her work will give her family a chance for the future. Zorica plans to further develop breading and distribution of pigs and piglets.

Suad Sabovic

was born in Pec (Kosovo). Today he lives with his family in Sutomore. Three years ago the turmoil in Kosovo has changed his family’s life thorougly and they had to leave their hometown. After arriving from Pec, Suad, who had more than 20 years worked as prosthetist, worked as a waiter in a local bar in Sutomore. That was the only way he could earn his family’s living expenses. With the machine procured ECHO and HELP have enabled this young, diligent man to return to his profession. He continued his practise in dental prothetics and he is very successful. Just to notify, he is excellent in it and does it without mistakes.

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