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Mon-123 Social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians through employment




January 2017 – January 2018::: 106,887.87 €


The Action contributes to the social inclusion of the RE population in Montenegro by improving their access to the labour market and employment and social rights. The special focus is placed on fostering the integration of the RE population into the labour market by developing their skills through the traineeship programme as a main activity of the Action.
The traineeship programme from May until the end of January was taken up by 35 to 44 trainees.  It was initially planned for on-the-job training to last for six months, but due to budget rationale, it was extended for additional two and a half months. By the end of the project, 33 interns successfully finished the on-the-job training and was awarded with the certificated.  Their performance during the training was monitored by conducting individual interviews with employers and trainees.
Two anti-discrimination trainings for employers and workers in the company/organisation were organised. The objective of the training was to raise participants’ awareness on stereotypes, prejudices, patterns of thinking, speaking and behaviour existing in societies, particularly in the majority population, towards minority groups. 15 participants from 8 employers’ organisations took part in the trainings. Participants were introduced with the definition of discrimination, understanding of discrimination, direct, indirect discrimination, as well as with anti-discrimination legislation in Montenegro.
For the beneficiaries of the traineeship programme the information sessions for the interns on different topics which has to do with employment measures and labour rights were organized in order to be prepared for the full employment after the on-the-job training. The aim of info session was also to motivate them to search for job actively and to negotiate with the current employer. During the meetings they were encouraged to share their experiences at the work places and ask for advice about their worker’s rights.
As a result of the on-the-job training, out of 33 interns, 13 have been employed, which is 39,39% of total number of interns who finished the on-the-job training.
Apart from on-the-job training, the development of Standard for Associate in Social Inclusion for RE was another key activity within the projects. The working group consisting from 8 members of national institutions, in accordance with methodology and procedures, developed the documents which were adopted by the Council for qualifications during the project implementation. The Programme of Education and Exam Catalogue will be adopted in the following period.

The main project results and activities ere presented during the Final conference, held on 1 February 2018.

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