MNE-146 Boosting employability – Creating sustainable solutions for RE population in the Northern region of Montenegro


MNE-146 Boosting employability – creating sustainable solutions for RE population in the Northern region of Montenegro


Ministry of Finance of Montenegro – Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds (CFCU)


November 2019 – January 2021 122.564.22 €


Overall objective:

The overall objective of the program is to contribute to labour market inclusion and poverty reduction of RE population by increasing their employment opportunities.

The specific objectives:

Specific Objective: Roma and Egyptians in Bijelo Polje and Berane have enhanced access to the labour market through implementation of trainings and local employment initiatives.

Expected results:

The Action will empower unemployed RE to access labour market by improving the implementation of the existing active employment measures and enhancing local employment initiatives. Concretely, the Action will deliver tailored-made vocational and on-the-job training to 37 unemployed RE from the northern region to upgrade their professional skills and help address the existing structural mismatch between labour market demands and RE qualifications. Furthermore 10 unemployed RE from Berane and Bijelo Polje will receive support for additional six-month employment. Also, Local Employment Platform will be created to foster links among employers; RE community and municipalities. This is expected to improve RE employment prospects, while enhancing their labour market inclusion and reducing poverty.

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