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Volunteers with Help in the cleaning action in Podgorica and Bar


World Cleanup Day 2022

About 200 kg of garbage were collected in Podgorica and Bar by Help activists, RE mediators, school students and citizens from the neighborhood,  in a symbolic action organized on the occasion of World Cleaning Day. Instead of September 17, when is the World Cleaning Day,  due to bad weather, our actions were postponed by seven days and held on Friday and Saturday (23-24 September)

In Podgorica, the cleaning was carried out at the location of the IPA settlement, in Konik. In Bar, where we had action with partners from the “Center for the Affirmation of the RE Population – CAREP” from Nikšić, has been cleaned in the Golo Brdo settlement and the beach in Sutomore. The activities were organized with the support of Nehlsen Group and RODIEK.

World Cleanup Day is an opportunity for millions of volunteers from the 191 countries to come together and contribute to the fight against global waste problems and to promote a sustainable future and development.

The Nehlsen Group, which supports this action, emphasizes that they want you to use this opportunity to be a pioneer in environmentally friendly waste and disposal as well as sustainable recycling.

More than three decades ago by adoption of the Declaration in Žabljak on September 20, 1991, Montenegro became the first ecological country in the world.

The declaration defines the country’s strategic determination to adopt and apply the highest standards and norms in the field of environmental protection, nature conservation and economic development, based on the principles of an ecologically sustainable system.

However, more than 30 years later, Montenegro is quite slow and in delay in this area, and the “wild beauty” environment is being destroyed in various ways, despite the declarative promises. Nevertheless, in accordance with the proclaimed goals of the ecological state, as well as obligations to the adopted of EU standards, in recent years certain efforts have been made to achieve the main goals: protecting nature, creating conditions for sustainable development and combating climate change.

Help regularly participates in actions aimed at promoting a cleaner environment and sustainable development in Montenegro.

Below are photos from actions in Podgorica and Bar:


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