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The first of six camps for children from Ukraine started

21. 07. 2022

The Ethno village of Vojnik hosted the first group of Ukrainian refugee children as the first of six summer camps that Help organizes as part of its assistance for refugees from Ukraine who fled to Montenegro from the raging war in their homeland, due to Russian aggression.

The first group of 15 Ukrainian children, together with five peers from the domestic population, with the support of coaches and several parents, have the opportunity to get to know the village of Miloševići in a rural setting, see and play with domestic animals, and participate in various mobile and social activities such as games, to paint and draw etc.

In addition to Vojnik, three more camps will be successively organized in Brezna and two in Vučje.

The assistance is financed through Aktion Deutschland Hilft, a network of German humanitarian aid agencies for quick and efficient action in disasters – abroad. Part of the financial resources, for children from the local population, was provided by the Montenegrin Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. The summer camps are part of the aid package that Help organizes for Ukrainian refugees in Montenegro and include food aid parcels, clothes, toys and other items for children.

In the photos, we convey some impressions  from Vojnik.



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