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Roma and Egyptian children in Pljevlja have received schools supplies and toys for kindergarten

10. 11. 2022

On Wednesday, in Pljevlja, Help distributed packets of school supplies for Roma-Egyptian children in this town in the north of Montenegro, as well as materials and toys for preschool children who attend kindergarten.

Help’s mediators and the representative of the Secretariat of Social Activities in the Municipality of Pljevlja, Danijela Nenadić distributed support-

The assistance, provided by Help with the support of a network of German humanitarian organizations for quick action in disasters – Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH) is in line with our constant work to provide support to the RE community in Montenegro and improve the socio-economic status, education, health, and social protection – as most vulnerable category in Montenegrin society, which still face a great degree of discrimination.

Last month, Help in cooperation with the Red Cross, distributed 30 food packages to the most vulnerable members of the RE population in Pljevlja.