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Minister Lalošević met three young Roma judo players

A statement  of the Ministry of Sports and Youth of Montenegro:

Minister of Sports and Youth, Vasilije Lalošević, and the director of the Sports Directorate, Zoran Jojić, hosted three young judo players, members of the Judo Club “Milenijum”, Sabina Ramadanović, Monika Ramadanović and Leontina Ramadanović, who together already have around 80 medals in the country and abroad.

The meeting was also attended by the representatives of Help, a German non-governmental organization that has been operating in Montenegro for 23 years and deals with the inclusion of the Roma population, Biljana Jovićević and Dijana Anđelić.

Representatives of Help informed Minister Lalošević about the successes of young judo players, and representatives of the Ministry of Sports and Youth announced cooperation with the Judo Association of Montenegro and the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, all with the aim of helping the Ramadanović sisters.”