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Mediators and representatives of institutions exchanged experiences at the Forum

Roma-Egyptian (RE) mediators, who have been working in local institutions for more than half a year – employment bureaus, social work centers and health centers in 11 municipalities, mediating between the community and these services, exchanged experiences and positive practices in previous work with representatives of these institutions at a two-day Forum in Petrovac.

In addition to representatives of local services from the municipalities where the project is implemented,  Help Forum was attended by representatives of state institutions: an adviser of the President of Montenegro, for Health and Social Policy – Dr. Amer Halilović, representative of the Ministry of Health – Nina Milović, representative of the Ministry of Justice and Human and Minority Rights – Ramiz Šahman and representative of the Ministry of Economy – Jasmin Lukačević.

The project “Social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians with the mediation of associates for inclusion” in the departments of health, social protection and employment, which Help is implementing together with partners: The Capital City of Podgorica and the municipalities of Berane and Ulcinj, is funded by the European Union and Montenegro Employment Program.

34 mediators, who had a professional training and received certificates, were deployed in 11 municipalities. The project coordinator, Dijana Anđelić expressed hope that these state services would recognize the importance of this project and in systemic way, by introducing the position of mediator for social inclusion in the systematization of jobs at the local level, as  a  good solution for the benefit of the RE population in Montenegro and their more efficient inclusion in society.

Proudly, we can point out that number of representatives from the institutions emphasized the importance of the work and commitment of Help’s mediators, for whom they did not lack words of praise. The general assessment is that the mediators have shown the importance of their work and role in using the rights of the RE population in a much faster and more efficient way than before.

Through group work, in addition to positive examples of newly established cooperation, mediators and representatives of local institutions exchanged experiences about certain problems that showed up through practice and considered ways in which these obstacles could be overcome.

Help hopes and expects that the representatives of institutions at the local and state level will convey their satisfaction with the work of mediators to their superiors and in that way we will all prove the importance of systematizing the work of mediators in these three areas within the public administration.

Have a look below – the photos from the Forum and two subsequently workshops that followed :



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