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Help began the distribution of aid packages for Ukrainian refugees

The distribution of 400 aid packages for Ukrainian refugees who have found refuge in Montenegro, has begun in Podgorica, where 30 food packages are going to be distributed. 280 packages have been delivered to Bar, which will be distributed to refugees, and 90 packages have been delivered to Herceg Novi.

This aid, which was provided by Help, is funded through Action Deutschland Hilft, a network of German aid agencies for rapid and efficient disaster relief abroad. The total value of the packages of food is 17,144 Euro.

Aid is being distributed through the Dobro djelo network, the five Ukrainian volunteer centres which were established with the help of the Ukrainian Embassy in Montenegro.

As a consequence of Russian aggression against Ukraine, there are between 6,000 and 7,000 refugees in Montenegro according to available records, the most of whom are mothers with their children, and the elderly.

In addition to providing food assistance, Help will also provide clothing, sports equipment and children’s props for a number of children, and from the beginning of next week, Ukrainian children will be in the first out of six designated summer camps where, for better socialization, and with an adequate and professional programme, a number of children from Montenegro will join them. In total, there will be 90 Ukrainian children on six planned camps, who will have the opportunity to socialise with 30 children from Montenegro.

In addition to Ukrainian refugees, Help will distribute some food packages  for domestic socially disadvantaged persons made – possible by a contribution from the Montenegrin Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

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