News Archive 2022

5 RE families in Berane received equipment for small business development


A total of 5 Roma-Egyptian (RE) families from the Berane’s settlement Donji Talum received equipment as assistance for small business development in the field of recycling. In this way, Help will be helping raise of the living standard for 113 members of these families, who are one of the most socio-economically vulnerable categories in Montenegro.

The RE families that are supported through this project provide for their families from collecting materials for recycling, most often metals, which is a very difficult job and in which several members of the household are often involved. Through the project, which Help is implementing thanks to the financial assistance of the humanitarian organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, these five families, and through them indirectly a total of 16 of them, received equipment that will facilitate their work and increase recycling productivity.

“The charity organization of Latter-day Saints really likes to provide help for all disadvantaged people. We believe that the best way to provide assistance to Roma and Egyptians is through employment and education. So we saw this as an opportunity to help Roma families to provide better conditions for their families by continuing to work on recycling,” said donor Larry B. Draper.

The value of the donated equipment is 10,000 euros.

With the project, Help continue to work on the improvement of economic and social status of Roma and Egyptians in Montenegro, and their minority community in Berane, which estimated about 900 members. They mostly live in settlements in Talum and Riverside, and they are mostly depended on social assistance because high unemployment rates.