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Get moving! Recycle and save the environment! in Nikšić


By cleaning the park and the promenade around the Cathedral of St. Vasilije Ostroški, Museum and City Hall, Help and the Center for Affirmation of the RE Population – CAREP in cooperation with the Youth Club Nikšić marked the International Recycling Day with a symbolic action.

The action called ‘’Get moving, recycle and save your environment” after Bar, was also held in Nikšić.


We donated three containers for recycling at the School of Economics and Catering in Nikšić, where the practice of waste separation and recycling has been used for a long time; plastic, paper and metal, as the professor of ecology, Olivera Lučić, who also participated in the action of cleaning the park, explained to us.

According to her, the school has a contract with the local recycling center to separate waste, and they hope that other locals, especially numerous educational institutions, will follow this practice.

In the end, we talked with the representatives of the Municipality about the need for recycling and plans for better and more sustainable waste disposal. As Boro Vuković, an environmental advisor at the Secretariat for Environmental Protection, told us, several projects are planned that would more efficiently solve the disposal of 28,000 tons of waste, which is produced annually in Nikišić, which is 50 to 60 tons per day.

When it comes to the main city landfill on Buduš – Mislov do, the possibility is being considered to build so-called small gas container power plants in cooperation with Dutch experts in the field, which would produce electricity from flammable metal waste.

In Nikšić, large quantities of metal not only accumulate in the city landfill, but also at the private landfill for collecting metals, to which metal waste is delivered from other Montenegrin municipalities.

The second project is the first recycling center at Stubica, where a waste recycling plant would be set up for seven Montenegrin municipalities: Nikšić, Danilovgrad, Šavnik, Plužine, Kotor, Tivat and Herceg-Novi. This project would be implemented with partners from Austria.

And as the third idea presented to us by the representative of the Municipality, there is a factory for processing old tires from which bio oils would be produced in the area of Gračanica. That factory would not have a large capacity, but it would certainly be another place that would enable the employment of a number of people.

These are all ideas for a certain, long-termreduction of the major environmental and health problem which  air pollution produces in Nikšić. Air pollution is 62 days a year above the permitted limit, according to ecologist Vuković..

We also heard that Nikšić lacks a systemic solution to the problem of construction and medical waste, but the realization of these three proposed initiatives would be the beginning towards more sustainable development of the second largest Montenegrin municipality.

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