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The exhibition “Human Rights through the Lens of Young Roma and Egyptians” presented in Nikšić as well


The exhibition of nine young Roma-Egyptian (RE) authors from Podgorica and Berane was presented in the past seven days to the people of Nikšić at the Public Institution “Nikšić Theater”.

The exhibition was organized last year to mark Human Rights Day on December 10, 2021 in the Parliament of Montenegro. The exhibition was then presented in Bijelo Polje and Berane as one of numerous activities within the project “Civil Society in Action for the Promotion of Roma and Egyptian Rights in Montenegro”. The project is funded by the European Union through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) and  implemented by Help and the partner Roma youth organization “Walk with us – Phiren Amenca”.

The well-known photographer Dejan Kalezić, a native of Nikšić, opened the exhibition. Dejan Kalezić coached the nine students and selected the photos for the exhibition. Eight high school students and one student of the final grade of primary school are the authors of the exhibition: Besart Krasnići, Daut Đukatani, Elmedina Jašaraj, Enis Zumberi, Erđan Beriša, Ersan Beriša, Jasmina Beriša, Muhamed Ahmetaj and Sadrija Krasnići.

The selector of the exhibition is a distinguished Montenegrin photographer – Dejan Kalezić.

The two authors of the photo exhibition, Erdjan Gianni Berisha and Enis Eni Zumberi, also did a rap song about the human rights of Roma and Egyptians “Who are you to judge me” as part of the same project. The song was also mentioned at the opening of the exhibition.


After the exhibition, a round table was held where we gathered representatives of local institutions in Niksic from services important for the access to basic rights – employment, education, health services and social care.

It was an opportunity for representatives of RE organizations from Niksic, a city with a significant Roma-Egyptian community, individuals from the RE population, and representatives of other NGOs dealing with human rights of this most vulnerable group in Montenegro, to exchange views on the most important issues from the citizens’ everyday life.


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