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Students of the school “Vaso Aligrudić” showed knowledge, talent and self-confidence

Source: ICT Cortex 

14. 06. 2021

The first ICT cluster education project was successfully completed, which aimed to prepare students for an increasingly challenging labor market and further academic development through an interdisciplinary approach to learning and practical work in companies.

The first ICT cluster education project ended with the presentation of the final solutions of the practical teaching project implemented by ICT Cortex, in cooperation with the Electrical Engineering School (ETŠ) “Vaso Aligrudić”. The first place went to the team from Coinis, the second place went to the team from Data Design, and the third place went to the team from Bild Studio. The best team won the Arduino robotics package.

Jovan Popović was named the best student of practical classes, who was awarded a course at the Logate Academy. He thanked the professors for their understanding, the mentors for their great help and the winning team, of which he is a member, for their great support.

“I am glad that our efforts paid off and we hope that it will be like this next year as well. I plan to deal with programming in the future “, said Popović.

The mentor of the winning team, Nikola Kadić, said that he had a beautiful task with his colleague Stevan Čakić and said that he was grateful for the opportunity given to him.

“We enjoyed the work and development of the project. The children showed tremendous talent. There were no problems to complete such a serious project. We are proud of them and I want to praise them all. I am glad to have been a part of this organization,” Kadić said. In addition to mentors from the company Coinis, mentors from the company Data Design – Marija Kuveljić and Zoran Mastilović, were also awarded for the best mentoring work during the practical classes.

The assistant director at the Vaso Aligrudić Electrical Engineering School, Danka Markuš, pointed out that she was proud of all seven teams that, despite their regular school obligations, managed to do what the company demanded of them.

“Imagine when they are already working with the most modern technologies and tools that developers in companies work with. Their knowledge is great, and their self-confidence is even greater, and that makes us very happy “, said Markuš.

The head of the Department for Research and Development of Qualifications at the Center for Vocational Education, Sandra Brkanović, said that the project of practical training is a great example of good practice in Montenegro.

“This is one of the best examples of good practice, especially in the field of information technology. Involving and connecting the economy, teachers and students is something that is great and very important for the future of programming in Montenegro”, said Brkanović.

ICT Cortex Education Manager Valentina Beg Deljanin believes that the greatest value of the project is the synergy of economy and education, and students who gained theoretical knowledge through schooling had the opportunity to see its concrete application and to be further motivated for programming, which means that the job market, perhaps, will already have people next year who will contribute to the IT industry growing and thriving.

“Of course, the students are suggested to continue their education, but they are already ready to program the information system themselves. For some students, at the beginning, everything was abstract, foreign, but when they started to create something concrete, they saw that it was forming in front of them, that it was working. They have already become people who are quite good at terminology, they manage everything, they explain to each other what it is about, they are more motivated to make additional efforts at school “, said Beg Deljanin.

One of the members of the jury, Marko Lekić, said that they were surprised by the result and that serious work was needed to achieve aim.

“We see a lot of future colleagues. We are very glad. I hope that this will mean a lot to the students, who we will hopefully watch later at the faculty and will be our colleagues. For us, as an industry, such events mean a lot and we will try to implementing this to other schools and cities”, said Lekić.

Seven weeks ago, ICT Cortex – a cluster for information technology, innovation, education, design and technological development of Montenegro and ETŠ “Vaso Aligrudić” launched a project of practical classes for third grade students of the educational program “Electrician for web and mobile applications”. The project was attended by the first generation of students working by a new educational program in the development in which had been participated prominent university professors, teachers of secondary vocational schools, but also IT experts from ICT Cortex.

The project of practical work was realized in seven companies of the cluster (Alicorn, Amplitudo, Bild Studio, Coinis, Data Design, Logate, Oykos development) and was conceived on solving a specific task – creating an online school library.

The entire project of practical classes was completed with workshops that helped students to build and develop not only technical knowledge but also presentations skills.

Students presented the completed solutions to an expert jury consisting of: Tarik Zaimović, ICT Cortex; Saša Adžic, Telekom; Marko Lekić, Fleka; Mihailo Obradović, Codeus; Marko Vučurović, Codingo; Sandra Brkanović, Center for Vocational Education;

For all students who completed the project task in version 3, and some teams reached the advanced version 5 Cortex has prepared a special Learning package that allows them to apply for a scholarship from the ICT Cortex Foundation at the desired faculty in the field of IT next year.

The organizing team of ICT Cortex expressed special gratitude to the partners of the event who contributed to the great realization of the project and showed that the synergy effect contributes to the development of the education system: Crnogorski Telekom, Help Montenegro, Logate Academy, HBC Coca-Cola Montenegro, as well as partners Duka Hosting, Balance2Business and NGO 35mm.

As announced by ICT Cortex, this is only the first project in the field of education, and from the fall they are launching a large education program that will contribute to the acquisition of practical knowledge needed for employment and re-training.

Here on the link you can find all presentations and awards for the best:

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