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Prokom and Viktorija satisfied with Help’s on-the-job training model

30.11. 2021

Company Prokom is on the “white list” of business taxpayers – a representative of car companies Peugeot and Suzuki, Suzuki motors, BRP programs for scooters, four-wheeled sleds and CF motors for motorcycles and four-wheelers vehicles.
They are in constant search for a qualified workforce – mechanics. Although they tried, they didn’t have any luck with the Employment Service, and that’s why they were more than happy to enter the program “Vocational on-the-job training”.
Boro Bogdanović, the manager of Prokom, says that they had incredibly great support from Help, especially from ours colleague Dženan Demić, both, for finding workers, but also for the equipment that they received.

“I thought it was much easier and better to find a worker through the Employment Bureau.  I thought when someone comes to them and says ‘I want to hire a worker’, someone from the Service will tell you ‘here, you are 20 workers to choose’. However, that is not the case at all.  And there, Mr. Demić helped us to find the first worker. We got a guy, very good worker, everything was fine, we respected everything, and he worked for two months. But suddenly the road to Slovenia had opened for him.  I’m calling the Help, Mr. Demić, and ask him ‘what are we going to do’? He says ‘nothing, we can’t influence that, let’s find another one ‘. First step voluntarily breaks, everything signed, all procedures by your and our side. We had finished everything, and then we needed to find another worker. Help jumps in again, we get a new worker again.  A new worker has come, and we respect our obligations.”

Renato Siništaj has been looking for a job in the Employment Bureau for several years, but only thanks to Help’s intervention and search, he managed to connect with a company that is looking for a worker in his profession. Occasionally, in order to support his family, he worked privately, but this is an opportunity that opens up space for him to improve his skills and possibly get a permanent job. The auto and motorcycle industry is constantly changing and advancing, and Renato Siništaj, who comes to work every morning from the neighboring municipality of Tuzi in Podgorica, is catching up with the changes here in Prokom.

I have been registered in the Bureau for several years as an unemployed. Here fit more into the job every day, so everything is good for now.

On our question, does he have a hope for permanent employment, Siništaj answered in optimistic tone:

“As far as I can see, I think it will be like that. I work, as one would say – like for myself here. They respect me and I respect them. It will mean a lot to me, because I know where I am, and for example, that I can support my family. I also have a child, and I am married.” 

Boro Bogdanović, Prokom’s manager, has praised Help’s model, which has been used for a long time, on-the-job training for vocational training programs.

“The model works very well. First, we as employers have been literally relaxed for six months when it comes to paying workers. Of course, as a serious firm, we did not allow ourselves that the worker who comes to us receives only the part that you (Help) provided. He has an additional payment from our side as well. So he has one very nice salary with your help and ours as well.  We are able to invest in him for six months and bring him to the level we need to offer employment with us for 12 months. But we sincerely hope that it will be even for a longer period of time.”

Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe is implementing a 3,35 million Euro, German Government – supported program “Socio-economic empowerment of the Western Balkans” to enhance the socio-economic stability of the region in 2021 – 2022.

Viktorija Driving School, whose headquarter is in Berane, recently has opened a branch office in Podgorica as well. Help has successfully collaborated previously with Viktorija job-the job training program.

Miljan Petković, the manager of the Victoria driving school, says that in order to improve working conditions, they applied to the call of the German non-governmental organization Help, which is focused on the socio-economic development of the Western Balkans.

“Within the project, we received a donation of 10 laptops. As I have already said, this will improve the working conditions in the driving school. In addition to the training for the theoretical part of the training for future drivers, these laptops will also be used for other training that the driving school has to offer. We offer training for teaching assistants, construction machine operators, as well as, of course, computer training. In addition, I would like to point out that software is being developed that will enable our participants to test their knowledge for the theoretical part of the training. This project furthermore aims at reducing the number of unemployed from the records of the Employment Service. As part of this project, Ivana Labović is currently on-the-job training with us. She has been on the records of the Employment Bureau for some period of time. She will undergo practical training for a period of 6 months, after which she will be employed at our driving school for the next year.”

Ivana Labović is an on-the-job trained driving instructor at the Victoria driving school. For several years, she was in the Employment Bureau. Recently she applied for the Help’s program.

“”So, now in the driving school Viktorija I am going through the mentioned training and I am also gaining knowledge that will enable me to perform my job professionally and with quality. After six months with the driving school I will conclude a contract and establish an employment relationship. I would also like to add that I am a driving instructor in this driving school for an A and B category, and I am also able to undergo training for theoretical teaching here. I appeal to all young drivers to come and see for themselves the quality of both, theoretical and practical training.”

In addition to “on- the-job training” program that stimulates employment and mediates between the unemployed people and employers who need a qualified workforce (program eventually will have worked with 40 candidates), the project will continue to support  the Directorate for Execution of the Criminal Sanctions in Spuž – UIKS. In the UIKS, we support the reconstruction and renovation of the farm there, as well as programs for the rehabilitation of prisoners.

Biljana Jovićević


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