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The Help’s story about Milica

8. 02. 2021

Milica Brajović grew up in the Mladost Children’s Home in Bijela, and when she became an adult she returned to her hometown of Danilovgrad, where she built a life with the selfless help of the local staff from the Center for Social Work.

A year ago the Help also entered in her life. Milica was a beneficiary of the project “Improved access to the labor market for women and youth in the northeast of Montenegro” co-financed by the European Union and the Government of Montenegro within the Program of the European Union and Montenegro for Employment, Education and Social Policy- a job she loves very much.

Milica is also a beneficiary of one of the social housing apartments that was built by Help in Spuž, and provided to the Center for Social Work in Danilovgrad for using for their beneficiaries. The story of Milica Brajović testifies that with the joint work and care of institutions, primarily people who work in it, as well as all others in the support system, like us from Help, it is possible to help those who need support most.

We from the Help met Milica a year ago when she moved into one of the social housing apartments we built as part of the project “Support to socio-economic stability of the Western Balkans region 2019-2020”, funded by the German Government.

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