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RE children from Berane, Podgorica and Nikšić on peer education training


Pool of feelings, my mask, hot fries of emotions, controlling emotions, advice for peers, tell me what you see, I`m telling you a story, circles, peacekeepers – watch out for prejudice, I say it in a moderate tone and you say it loudly, we act and resolve conflicts, my motto, everyone has their own view, are some of the titles of the exercises through which 16 Roma-Egyptian (RE) children in Nikšić learned peer education last weekend, thanks to instructors Marijana Blečić and Dragan Vujošević as well as their guests.

Through learning and trough imagined situations children from Berane, Podgorica and Nikšić have learned on concrete examples how to recognize prejudices, discrimination, how to control emotions, how to respect diferences and how to respect others, their opinions and attitudes, how to socialize and how to resolve conflicts.

 A three-day workshop in Nikšić for RE children was organized within the Help project ” Civil society in action promoting and protecting Roma and Egyptian rights in Montenegro” funded by the European Union, and implemented in cooperation with the Roma NGO “Walk with us Phiren Amenca”.

We convey part of the atmosphere from the workshop via photos.


 The participants, together with the instructors, determined the rules of the workshop and the rules of work:

Red and blue emotions were discussed:

Experiences on prejudice and discrimination were shared:

There were a few different moods and different situations:

They conceived and realized ideas together, in groups:

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