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Photo-workshop for the preparation of the RE Youth exhibition in the Parliament of Montenegro

2. 11.2020

A photo workshop was held in Podgorica on the first day of November.  A group of young high school students from Berane and from the capital prepared for an exhibition of their best works on the topic of human rights. The exhibition will be opened in the Parliament of Montenegro on December 10, 2020.

The exhibition “Human Rights through the Lens of Young Roma and Egyptians”, on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, will be opened by the President of the Parliament Aleksa Bečić, with the presence of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

In the next month, young people from Podgorica and Berane will try to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas about human rights as a universal foundation of every humane and civilized society, through fotography and with the instructions of the coach, the famous Montenegrin photographer Dejan Kalezić.

The best photographs in the selection of Dejan Kalezić will be exhibited in the building of the Montenegrin Parliament, and the author of the best photographs will be awarded a professional camera. Afterwards, we will also present the exhibition in several Montenegrin cities.

We think that presenting the best works of young Roma and Egyptians in parliament is an opportunity to convince these young people by example, that their work and efforts are valorized, and that the presence of high-level officials in the highest legislative house of the state is a practical way to show them that they are welcome and equal citizens of Montenegrin society.

The photo workshop was organized within the project “Civil society in action promoting and protecting Roma and Egyptian rights in Montenegro”, which Help is implementing in cooperation with the partner Roma Youth organization “Walk with us-Phiren Amenca”.

The project is funded by the European Union through the EIDHR.

The following are photos from the Sunday workshop:


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