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Packages of food, hygiene and school supplies have been distributed in Nikšić and Bar

28. 04.2020

Help activists have distributed aid packages of food, hygiene and school supplies to Roma and Egyptians (RE) with the support of the Red Cross volunteers in Nikšić, and with the volunteers of the Montenegrin Army in Bar.

 In Nikšić, 255 packages of food and as many hygiene packages were distributed to 214 families, as well as 255 25kg bags of flour.

 In Bar, 126 packages of food and as much hygiene packages have been distributed, along with 3150 kg of flour. School supplies have been distributed as well.

 This is part of the second aid package organized by Help to support the RE population in the struggle against the new coronavirus crisis. This aid is funded by the German Government.

 In total, this action of distributing 1970 aid packages for the Roma-Egyptian (RE) community in Montenegro made of food and hygiene products is worth almost 49,000 Euros. Over 1350 families from 15 municipalities will receive this aid, and the action began on Friday with distribution in Budva and delivery of packages in Kotor. The action continued with the distribution of aid in Cetinje on Saturday, and the distribution of 20 more smartphones on Monday in Nikšić with the assistance of Montenegrin Telekom.

 Photos from Nikšić:



In addition to the Red Cross activists, members of the Montenegrin Army assisted in distribution of the aid to citizens in Bar:



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