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Our stoires: Selman’s hope for a better future

Selman Hajruši from Nikšić, 

Two years ago Selman Hajruši from Nikšić had a training as a potter assistant followed by practice work for 11 months. He was offered to stay on this job but he was not satisfied with the salary as it was not enough for his family (wife and four children) costs.

After that he went to Germany to his relatives and worked there with second hand goods. He was able to send some money for his family in Nikšić; however, the cost of traveling every three months and the lack of a legal work permission maid him to come back home.

His wife also had a training for tailoring organized by another NGO; she managed to keep this job, but after some time the owner stopped paying her. Now she is working only part time from home. The family has four children aged 23, 21 boys, and 17 and a six-year-old girl. All of them went and are still going to school, with the oldest one finishing vocational high school for waiters. Unfortunately, he is not able to find a job („it is not easy for our people to get job“), the younger finished only nine grades of elementary school („he didn’t want to continue” ), the older daughter wants to be a cook and she is now going to the appropriate high school for that. She earns practical experience in a restaurant in Nikšić. The family pays 80 Euro rent for housing in Željezara neighborhood. With utilities the cost reach up to 180 Euro approximately per month. The family’s monthly social benefits amount only to 164 Euro –  so they are struggling every month to make ends meet.

Mr. Hajruši asked Help for further assistance and upon the recommendation of Help he was given the chance to learn the mounting of furniture.  He is satisfied with the new training and cooperation with colleagues at work, as well as with the treatment by the owners of the shop. He points out that the job is not easy because it is sensitive; it is important do it properly and not make any damage on the furniture during the process. But he believes that he will learn properly to do it, and get the opportunity for himself to stay there. The owners of the furniture retail shop, from time to time provide him some additional payed work, like cleaning or cutting grass and tidying the property.  He is hopeful that after the training (ends in March/April 2020) he will get the chance to stay and work there, as it was indicated by the owners.

Help’s Roma Mediator for employment in Niksic will support him in efforts and in communication with authority in Nikšić municipality with housing, or job for his older son who is waiter.

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