News Archive 2020

Equipment for women and youth in the North for professional on the job training

26.08. 2020

In order to stimulate the employment of young people and women in the north of Montenegro, within the project “Improved access to the labor market for young people and women in the Northeast of Montenegro” Help has distributed the equipment to beneficiaries of this program who are being trained during practical work.

This project that we are implementing in cooperation with the municipalities of Berane and Bijelo Polje is financed by the Ministry of Finance – Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds.

Help organized professional on the job training for a total of 40 unemployed people, women and youth in seven municipalities, mainly in the north of Montenegro, which began on June 15th.

Unemployed women and young people in Berane, Petnjica, Andrijevica, Bijelo Polje, Rožaje and Plav were given the opportunity for on-the-job training, where a total of 18 employers will train 30 unemployed people, while five employers in Podgorica and Danilovgrad will train 10 people.

In addition to special certified training, some of them have also received work equipment.