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On-the-job training for 40 women and young people in the north and hope for a permanent job

10-11-12. June 2020

A total of 40 unemployed, women and young people, will start professional training in seven municipalities, mainly in the north of Montenegro. This is a Help project entitled “Improved access for women and young people to the labor market in northeastern Montenegro”, which is funded by the European Union.

The project focuses on less developed communities in northeastern Montenegro, where unemployment is a hot topic. The unemployment rate in this part of the country is almost six times higher than in the coastal region and about three times higher than in the central part.

Unemployed women and young people in Berane, Petnjica, Andrijevica, Bijelo Polje, Rozaje and Plav have the opportunity to complete on-the-job training, in which 18 employers train 30 unemployed, while five employers in Podgorica and Danilovgrad train 10 people.

Savo Vesovic, one of the participants in the vocational training within the project, hopes that he will become a driving instructor after completing the training at the “Victoria” driving school.

“This is a beginning that I expect a lot from. I can say that I have been satisfied so far and I hope that in the end I will be happy with my training and work.” I used to work in stores and the like occasionally, but I hope this is an opportunity that I will take seriously and that will bring me a permanent job. “Savo has graduated from high school – he is a road technician, but he hopes that he will be one of the 14 successful ones and at the end of this training will receive a certificate as a driving instructor.

“My high school diploma, a message from the” Victoria “driving school that they need driving instructors, helped me to decide on this training, and I hope that participating in this project will bring me stabilization and a permanent job,” says Savo Vesovic.

Alen Korać from Art Home, who is working with us on such projects for the second time, says that he is very grateful to Help and that we are helping the economy and the unemployed by working in this area, one of the main problems to connect and overcome – the training of employees, which has long been one of the main problems for his company as well as for others.

“Given the excellent experience so far, we applied to Help again. In addition to an excellent employee, we went through such a project and received additional equipment to support the training of this candidate. This person is already an important factor in our company, a serious employee and the person now has a permanent position. I hope that through this project we can write a similar story and continue the successful cooperation, “said Korać.

As part of this project, the company “Art Home” accepted two candidates for the training. “This time we selected two candidates for the training. We actually need a lot more workforce, but the current options are that we only selected two. We already have qualified employees in the company who help new candidates do a good job training, and of course we requested some additional equipment as part of this project that would make their training a lot easier. ”

The two unemployed candidates who are trained at “Art Home” can get a permanent position at the end of the training, but that depends primarily on them.

“We have a great need for a qualified workforce. We could currently offer ten more specialists in the trades for which we applied, upholsterers, tailors, carpenters, model builders – all of these are occupations for which we have a job. ”

Slavica Adamović, a person with a disability, has gotten in the company “Zlatne ruke” the opportunity for on-the-job training.

“I am very grateful to my employer who made it possible for me to take part in this Help project. Incidentally, I am a confectioner by profession and have been unemployed for a long time. During the training we will work on the production of HTZ devices (occupational safety equipment) and I hope that during this training I will improve my previous knowledge and skills. I also hope that Help will provide us with equipment for the training process as part of the project, and I expect that I will improve my previous knowledge in this area and that the employer will hire me permanently after the training. ”

We asked Ms Adamović how important it is for her, as a person with a certain degree of disability, that her employer offers her an opportunity for training and work, which is not a common practice in Montenegro.

“This opportunity is very important to me. I also have a child who is a student, so permanent employment would help me a lot in funding my child’s education. It is also important to me to get involved a little in society and not to sit in the house all day because I’m disabled. ”

The project provides that Help supports the participation of all candidates in the training with 200 euros per month. Unemployed people who take part in vocational training have the opportunity to improve the required knowledge and skills through defined training in the workplace and possibly recommend themselves to employers for long-term employment. Training begins on Monday June 15th.

The project also envisages a number of other activities designed to facilitate the employment of women and young people. There are plans to build local employment partnerships, draw up an action plan to reconcile local needs and reduce employment inequalities.

The total value of the project carried out by Help in partnership with the municipality of Berane is € 170,000 and is financed by the Montenegrin Ministry of Finance – Directorate for Financing and Procurement of EU Aid.

A press conference was held at the regional business center on Wednesday, June 10, at the signing of the agreement on workplace training in Berane.

Agreements between the three parties were signed in Berane on Wednesday and Thursday, between Help, the unemployed who start training on the 15th of June and the employers, who give them the opportunity to train and possibly get a permanent jo

Ten more unemployed people from the municipalities of Podgorica and Danilovgrad signed an agreement on the start of training on Friday.

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