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Nikola Bošković – Administrative Assistant


Nikola Bošković is a 24-year old administrative assistant at Help. He has a specialist degree in diplomacy, or international relations in humanities. As he says, the link between this call and this one in Help is that this is an international charity organization. However, what attracted Nikola to this job was primarily the feeling that by doing it he could really help others. For humanitarian work, social empathy is important as well as the ability to put into practice the administrative dimension necessary to deliver the help to the right hands.

This is not his first engagement in the civil sector in the field of human rights. As a high school student, he started as a volunteer at the Center for Civic Education, where he first learned the concept of human rights through various seminars and trainings at local and regional level, and later through the field work he built up the degree of respect for human rights – especially of minorities in Montenegro.

He says that it is one thing to know the statistics – what the situation is and how many people are really in need, and completely different when you face extreme cases in practice, such as when someone calls you and says “We are hungry, my family needs food to survive”

“In a certain way, you can never be prepared for this, but on the other hand, you must be – you have to act by immediately seeking a solution and doing everything you can to help, the actual action is just as important, if not more important, than empathy.”

Nikola Bošković believes that the experience he will gain at Help will complete the basis for some future work that will, of course, have to do with international relations. After all, there are so many international organizations who take upon themselves to help others – UN, UNICEF, Council of Europe and others.

Biljana Jovićević

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