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Help – 25 years of activity in Southeast Europe – Together for tomorrow

12.10. 2020

In 2020, Help is celebrating an anniversary – 25 years of activity in Southeast Europe under the motto “Together for tomorrow”.

In the past two and a half decades of work in this region, Help has crossed the path from a humanitarian organization that distributed the first and most necessary aid to the vulnerable in the post-conflict Balkans, to an organization of humanitarian development. Today, we help the most vulnerable categories of the population, displaced and internally displaced persons, the Roma-Egyptian community (RE) as the most vulnerable minority, as well as socially vulnerable citizens through various programs to find long-term solutions for better and more inclusive social status.

On the occasion of 25 years of work and the realization of numerous vital projects, the General Manager of Help, Karin Settele, wrote the following preface in a special brochure on the occasion of the special anniversary.

Dear readers, 

Help can now look back on 25 years of work in South East Europe and on a period of the most
intense need caused by violent conflicts, but also on years of hope and successes in sustainable

Unfortunately, reconciliation within and between the individual states in South East Europe remains a challenge, ethnic minorities are excluded, many young people have no prospects, and rapprochement with the EU and its values is proceeding only slowly. In addition to this, the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic are clearly revealing the fragility of these states. It is vitally important that we remain committed to promoting stability in South East Europe and hence to promoting people’s protection, safety and self-  determination.

 Under the motto of our anniversary, “Together for Tomorrow”, we are therefore calling on states, civil society, business and every individual to stand up for people’s well-being. We can live together in peaceful coexistence only if we take responsibility for each other and act collaboratively.

 I would like to express our great thanks to our colleagues who demonstrate their commitment to helping the people in their home countries day in, day out, and are constantly establishing effective partnerships. Last but not least, our thanks go to the beneficiaries who have shared their stories and experiences

with us, and to the local communities who contribute to the success of our projects by working with us. We would also like to thank all our sponsors and supporters. Knowing that we are all working together gives us the courage to continue.

I am delighted to give you an insight into our success story with this brochure and hope you will enjoy reading it.


 Karin Settele

The General Manager

Excerpts from the brochure will follow in the coming days.

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