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EU, with Help and Phiren Amenca, helps RE during the COVID-19 crisis


Following the special measure introduced by the State of Montenegro in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, specifically refering to the measures on restricted  movement (Stay at Home Campaign) and a special supply regime for consumers, Help in partnership with thepartner organization NGO Roma Youth Organization – Let’s Walk Together – Phiren Amenca, with the financial support of European Union, has made a decision to provide, in accordance with our mission, assistance and expressions of solidarity to share the emergency assistance of one of the most vulnerablegroups in Montenegro, Roma and Egyptian (RE).

As part of the action, we have been started with distribution of  around 600 emergency aid packages  for approximately  400 RE families in Niksic, Berane, Bijelo Polje and Herceg Novi. Families with more than six members will receive two packages each containing flour, oil, sugar, pasta, rice and soap.

The value of the around 600 packages is about 12,400 Euros and will be distributed in the RE settlements Gračanica in Nikšić, Riverside and Talum in Berane, Strojtanica, Rakonje and Željeznik in Bijelo Polje and Drenovik settlement in Herceg-Novi.

Klaus Mock, Help’s Regional coordinator has warned that coronavirus crisis has dire impact on RE population;

This crisis has a terrible effect on the most vulnerable population group in Montenegro, i.e. the Roma and Egyptians. It was very clear to me from the beginning that  we should assist this group with immediate emergency aid. As we are presently implementing a project that has the objective to support “civil society in action promoting RE rights in MNE” we have taken immediate action in order to reallocate some funds that allows us together with our partner organisation Phiren Amenca to bring food parcels to some 400 RE families. I am very grateful to the Delegation of the European Union that they have so swiftly and positively reacted to our proposal for the reallocation of the funds. That was a prime condition for us to start with the provision of this emergency aid. Crucial for the success of this initiative is  the support provided by the Montenegrin Red Cross that will assist in distributing the food aid parcels”.

Distribution will be done in cooperation with the local crisis teams and Red Cross in the targeted municipalities.

On Tuesday, we visited and shared assistance in the Drenovik settlement in Herceg Novi in coordination with the Red Cross.

Stay home, we will, as always, come to you!  

The aid was distributed with the coordination of the Herceg Novi Red Cross. Milena Scekic was with us, who told us about the intensity of her work these days:


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