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Distribution of aid continued in Konik, Bajram Ljuboja refused to receive aid meant for him in favor of his neighbors

15. 05. 2020

The distribution of food and hygiene assistance packages for Roma and Egyptians continued in Podgorica, as well as for another number of socially disadvantaged families in the Montenegrin capital.

Today we witnessed the moment when in the settlement on Konik, Mr. Bajram Ljuboja and his wife refused to receive help even though he was on the distribution list and he referred us to a family that was not on the list, which as we were told, was much more disadvantaged, has more children and has no income at all. On this occasion we thank him for his human gesture.

Distribution will continue on Monday in the settlements of Konik, Vrela, Kakaricka gora, Tuški put, Dekar, Zlatica, Doljani and Golubovci. A total of 641 packages of hygiene will be distributed and the same number of packages of food, as well as bags of flour of 25 kg each.

This aid from Help, funded by the German government, is being distributed with the help of the Montenegrin Red Cross.

This aid is part of the SOE-003 project “Support to socio-economic stability in the Western Balkans region 2019-2020”.



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