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5 tablets have been donated to the Institute “Komanski Most”

28. 05. 2020

On Thursday, Help has donated five tablets for residents of the Institute “Komanski Most”, an institute in which people with special needs are cared for. As Vaselj Dušaj, the director of this public institution that takes care of the most vulnerable category of citizens and his associates have told us, the donation is more than welcome, although many others help them.

This donation is funded by the German Government as part of the second support package provided by Help to the vulnerable categories during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the help of the staff who takes care of them, the users of the Institute’s services will be able to establish contact with their families who have not seen them for three months. According to Dušaj, ten days before the decision of the National Coordination Body to prevent the spread of coronavirus, this institution has banned visits to the Institute as well as canceled the possibility of users from leaving the Institute, and these are the measures that are still in effect.

The Institute “Komanski Most” currently has a total of 116 users with special needs aged from 18 up to 73. Although the visits have been banned, the staff of the Institute, who were also in quarantine tried to enable contact of users with the families via their personal phones.

As Dušaj and his associates told us, there is no doubt that the tablets we provided for them along with keyboards for easier use and internet cards for six months with 50 GB internet package will greatly facilitate communication with the outside world, but they plan to use it also for other purposes, primarily educational purposes.

At the Institute “Komanski Most” they told us that they have done and that they continue to do everything necessary to make the quarantine period easier for their users who found this period especially difficult.

“They keep asking me ‘when will see our family, when will we go out’, and sometimes it is not easy to explain to them and calm them down but we do our best”, says Vaselj Dušaj and they hope that using these tablets will help them relax their users’ desire to see their families.

A total of 75 tablets with the Internet packages for 6 months will be distributed in several Montenegrin institutions and public institutions for vulnerable categories of the population. On Wednesday, we already took 22 tablets to the Home for the Elderly „Grabovac“ in Risan and the Children’s Home „Mladost“ in Bijela. The rest of the tablets will be distributed in homes for the elderly in Bijelo Polje and Pljevlja, and the Directorate for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions in Spuž.

Additionally, hygiene products and disinfectants will be distributed to everyone as part of the aid package with a total value of 46,645 Euros.

Help is carrying out the emergency aid distribution because of the coronavirus pandemic, as part of the project: “Support to socio-economic stability of the Western Balkans region 2019-2020” which is funded by the German government.


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