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Keys for twelve adapted apartments in Danilovgard handed out to beneficiaries

In Spuž, part of Danilovgrad municipality on Thursday, December 19, twelve apartments keys have been given to people in social need: ten- for users of social security care and two for children without parents who upon reaching the age of 18 have to leave the orphanage. The apartments have been built on the top floor of a municipality building.

The keys for the new residents, selected through public competition, were handed out by Zorica Kovačević, mayor of Danilovgrad, Vukica Jelić from Ministry of Work and Social Care, and Klaus Mock, Regional Coordinator of Help in the mayor’s office in Danilovgrad.

In addition to the 12 new apartments, to the satisfaction of all-new and old tenants, the building’s façade, entrance and stairways and other installations were also renovated. The new apartments were equipped with kitchens and household appliances.

The two apartment for children without parents were given to the local Center for Social Care for permanent use.

This is a component of the project “Support for Social-Economy Stability in Region of Western Balkans” with a value of 207.324 Euro. While Help provide 106.808 Euro, the municipality of Danilovgrad with sponsors allocated 65.508 Euro and Ministry of Work and Social Care 35.008 Euro.

The Danilovgrad municipality paid for the revision of the project documentation, monitoring and costs for electricity and water connections.

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