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Improve access to job opportunities for women and youth in the Northeast of Montenegro

Help implements the project „Improved access to the labour market for women and youth in the Northeast of Montenegro“ ( Link – ‘Improved access to the labour market for women and youth in the Northeast of Montenegro’ ).  The overall objective of this project is to help women and youth to find jobs by increasing the number qualified unemployed women and youth with needed vocations and qualifications. In addition, it is planned to strengthen the local employment partnership of all actors important for facilitating access to jobs.

One of the measures to fight unemployment is to organize quality and specialized skills’ trainings in order to reduce the gap between the demand for qualified labour and the existing offer on the labour market that does not correspond with the former. This way, the project will harmonize demand and availability of skills for deficit occupations as required by the market. Attention will be also given to establish a local employment partnership that will include all stakeholders of  the local labor market in a working group.

Help and its local partner, the municipality of Berane, expect that this project will produce following results: unemployed women and youth gain knowledge, skills and competences for deficit occupations; the employers’ community will be well informed of the project and well-motivated to participate;  a Local Employment Partnership Working Group will be established in targeted area of Northern Montenegro; improved knowledge of local stakeholders on benefits of local employment partnership.

The project value is 170.092,55 Euro with the Ministry of Finance through the Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds (CGCU) providing 150.000 Euro, Help providing 10.458 Euro and the municipality of Berane providing 9.634 Euro.  Implementation started in November 2019 and will last until October 2020.

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