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Help in action for increasing job opportunities for Roma and Egyptians in the North of Montenegro

The main goal of the project “Boosting employability – creating sustainable solutions for RE population in the Northern region of Montenegro” is to contribute to the inclusion of Roma and Egyptians into the job market and help in reducing their poverty by improving their professional skills and increasing employment opportunities.

Neđeljka Neda Sindik, Help’s coordinator for the project in Bijelo , expects improvement of access through concrete trainings and encouraging local initiatives for job creations.

“The project will enable jobless Roma and Egyptians to access the job market. Concretely, it will provide professional trainings for 37 unemployed Roma and Egyptians mainly from the northern region at work placses, so that they can improve their skills; this will help to reduce the current structural incompatibility between job market needs and RE qualifications.  10 unemployed RE persons from Berane and Bijelo Polje will have a 3-months vocational training period followed by another 3 months on-the-job training whereas another 27 persons will have the chance for a 6-months on-the job training. Employers will propose the candidates who are best suited to be chosen for the vocational trainings – in accordance with knowledge and skills, as well as needs for deficit occupations.  10 beneficiaries will receive tools and other equipment needed to execute their jobs.

The project will also establish an open local platform for employment with aim of initiating or improving connections between employers, RE community and municipalities”, explained Sindik.

The project value is 122. 564 Euro. Funding from the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro, amounts to Euro 100.000 whereas Help provides Euro 14.134 and the Municipality of Bijelo Polje Euro 8.429.

The Roma Council has pledget its full support for the implementation of this project.

Local municipalities will be represented through their staff and they will have leading role in establishing Local platform for employment.

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