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Motivational Workshops: Programme for acquiring vocational Qualifications

Social Inclusion for Roma and Egyptians through vocational Qualifications

The development of occupational qualifications for social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians is an important step towards the successful integration of this population and their involvement in different spheres of social life and work. The Center for Vocational Education, with the support of REF (Roma Education Fund) and HELP organization, developed four professional qualifications: Associate in social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians in the fields of education, employment, health and social affairs.

These four professional qualifications have passed all adoption procedures and are included in the National Qualifications Framework and as such represent a direct link with the labor market.

In order to familiarize potential trainees with the content of professional qualifications, work to be performed by associates in the social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians and their motivation to be included in the programmes and gain one of the above professional qualifications, the Center for Vocational Education, with the support of REF, developed the Motivation Program for Roma Inclusion and Egyptians in vocational qualifications in the field of social inclusion.

Based on the content of this program, REF organized the first motivational training for over 30 participants, with the engagement of trainers from the Center for Vocational Education and Employment Agency. On behalf of the Ministry of Education Mr. Roko Đoljaj and the representative of REF, Ms. Marijana Blečić welcomed the participants and introduced them with the training programme.

After the introductory address, the trainers Vesna Radulović and Gordana Bošković implemented a series of educational sessions, presenting the contents of all four professional qualifications at the beginning, pointing to their significance, their connection with the institutions of the system and the labor market.

The development of soft skills is an essential prerequisite for the quality work of associates in the social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians, and therefore the participants actively participated in the presentation of team work, the development of communication skills and the construction of mechanisms to combat prejudices and stereotypes.

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