News Archive 2017

Information Sessions for RE Trainees since May 2017

Within the program of training at work, three informative workshops were conducted for RE individuals who attend the training with 13 employers (Čistoća doo, Deponija doo, Zelenilo doo, Association of Roma of Montenegro, Roma Council, Doo Velma, Roma Cultural Center, , NGO Fiat, NGO Mladi Romi, Doo Laković, Sibila, doo and Football Club “Ribnica”).

A total of 66 interns took part in workshops, where they had the opportunity to get acquainted with labor legislation, standards of protection against discrimination at work and work ethics. At the workshops, the interns also exchanged experience in training, with a special emphasis on acquired skills and knowledge, as well as on relationships with colleagues and superiors at work.

In cooperation with the Employment Agency of Montenegro, in the coming period, at the planned information workshops, interns will be informed about the possibilities of employing RE people based on their qualifications and level of education, but also to indicate to them the steps they can take to increase the chances of finding a job.